Transit visa

If a person wishes to travel through a Russian territory to another country he needs a transit visa.

In case of an airway transit, a visa should be issued for the maximum of 3 days. The applicant who travels through the Russian Federation by car should have a transit visa valid for a period of time which the fastest trip to place of destination takes up. The average daily distance to be covered by car should not be less than 500 km.

Consulate General can issue a transit visa only in case if a person doesn’t have a possibility to travel directly from the country of his origin to the country of destination.

To apply for a transit visa an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

  1. Completed visa application (, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see General Information);
  2. A valid visa for the country you intend to enter after crossing the Russian territory;
  3. The original and a copy of your confirmed air ticket to and from Russia (not the confirmation of booking).

Travelers have the right to pass through the territory of Russian Federation without a transit visa in the following cases:

  • if travelers make a non-stop air flight over the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • if travelers make an international air flight and a transfer in a Russian airport provided and they have due documents to enter the country of destination and an air flight ticket with an indicated date of flight from the Russian transfer airport within 24 hours upon arrival (but for emergency landing). A transit visa is not required if travelers remain in the transit zone of the airport in order to catch an onward or connecting flight within 24 hours of arrival;
  • if travelers reside in a country, that has signed a non-visa agreement with the Russian Federation.