Tourist visa

To apply for a tourist visa an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

  1. Completed visa application (, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see points 1-4 of the General Information);
  2. Standard tourist confirmation (visa support letter). The confirmation must contain a full name of an Applicant, the date of his birth, a passport number, the dates of entry/departure, the itinerary, the agency's reference and registration number, the official seal and the signature of an authorized person.
  3. Tourist voucher, indicating a full name of an Applicant, the date of his birth, a passport number, the dates of entry and departure, the name of the hosting Russian tourist company and confirming the full payment for the accommodation in Russia.

Standard tourist confirmation and tourist voucher should issued by the hotel, where you planning to stay.

Fax copies of the documents, mentioned in the points 2 can be accepted. A Consular officer has the right to ask you to provide all the visa support documents in the original including the tickets to all the places of your destination, as well as the return tickets, and to submit a receipt from your tourist company showing the exact sum of money paid for the trip and accommodation.

Please note that tourist visa can be issued for no longer than 30 days. When entering Russia with a tourist visa, you may be asked at the border checkpoint to present also your tourist confirmation, the voucher and a return ticket with a fixed date of departure from Russia. You also may have to prove that you have sufficient funds for your travel.

The fee for processing an application for tourist visa for the citizens of Norway as well as other EU Member states is 315 NOK for 4-10 working days. An urgent visa can be issued in 1-3 working days and charged with the fee of 630 NOK.

Please note if it is less than 72 hours left before your departure visa cannot be issued.

WARNING! There are several web-sites in the internet which offer to buy “invitations” to the Russian Federation, both tourist and business. Be informed, that according to the Russian legislation selling and purchasing of such documents via Internet is illegal, “invitations” obtained via Internet can not be the reason to get the Russian visa and won’t be accepted by the Consulate General.