General information about visa to Russia

Documents for a visa should be submitted to the Consulate General personally.

Starting from 9 January 2014 visa applications are accepted only after beforehand reservation. A person who applies for visa must be present in Consulate General. To make a prerecording, please follow the link (

The system of beforehand reservation is available 24 hours, it is simple and easy to use. Everyone who makes an appointment through the system gets personal code which guaranties time.

Only one person with one set of documents can make an appointment for exact date and period of time. Appointment is personal and can not be transfered to another person. It is not possible to make an appointment in the day of appliance.

Following categories of foreign citizens can apply for visa without beforehand reservation:

Staff members of the Norwegian MFA, and other authorities if they got a verbal note from MFA (applications should be submitted by a person who applies for visa or by official courier service of an authority);

The owners of diplomatic or service passports of the diplomatic missions and consular sections of missions accredited in Norway (applications should be submitted by a person who applies for visa or by official courier service of a mission);

Guests of staff members of diplomatic and consular missions accredited in Russia;

Other foreign citizens in case of an urgent need for travel to Russia due to death or serious illness of a close relative.

To use the new system in a most effective manner we advise to get prepared before going to Consular Section and read carefully requirements for the documents for visa application which can be found on the web-site. In case of lack of some of the required documents or mistakes in them the Consular Section can decline your application and you will have to make a beforehand reservation and visit Consular Section once again.

Your comments and observations on work of the beforehand reservation system can be sent to e-mail of the Consulate General

ATTENTION! Visa application forms filled in by hand are not accepted from October 1, 2013.

The Consulate General establishes electronic visa applications system as of September 30, 2013. A visa application form placed on the website should be filled and printed out before applying for visa. Both visa applications filled in by hand as well as the ones issued in accordance with the new electronic form are accepted during the transition period till September 30, 2013

Please note that visa processing starts only after you have submitted to the Consulate General all the documents required. We do not accept any documents, which have been sent to the Consulate General by fax or e-mail. 

IMPORTANT TO NOTE that in case you apply for a visa in the Consulate General please be careful to transfer your payment to the bank account of the Consulate General.

Visa applications cannot be accepted if a passport-holder is not present in Norway.

The following documents should be submitted in order to obtain a visa regardless of its category:

  1. Fully completed visa application form ( An application form should be signed and dated by the Applicant personally. Please note that you are to answer all the questions in the visa application form in Russian, Norwegian or English in block letters. Incomplete application forms would not been accepted. Any corrections in the application forms would not been accepted. You can be asked to submit all necessary documents to substantiate information given in the application form.
  2. Valid national passport (original only and it should have at least two blank pages). It must be valid not less than six months after the expiry date of the visa. Please note that any damage of any page of the Applicant’s passport (especially of the page with a photograph) will result in the rejection of a visa application.
  3. One recent passport-sized photograph (35 x 45mm) of an Applicant, stapled lower left-corner of an application form. The photograph must be:
  • of true likeness and not more than 6 months old; showing full face;
  • taken without headgear, head coverings and hats;
  • taken against a plain, evenly lit light background.

       Photographs that do not meet these requirements won’t be accepted.

   4. Travel insurance valid in Russia containing Applicant’s name and the period of validity. 

Please note that the validity period should cover the whole planned trip to Russia. For multiple-entry visas the validity period of the insurance should cover not less than 90 days of staying in Russia during the period of first 180 days of the validity of the visa.

Attention: Applicants have to submit travel insurance policy of the foreign companies that have reinsurance agreements with Russian insurance companies or submit travel insurance policy of the companies that do not have reinsurance agreements with the Russian insurance companies but provide reimbursement for costs of medical services rendered in Russia during his/her stay upon his/her return to the home country after trip. 

A one-entry and double-entry visa can’t exceed 90 days of staying in Russia. A person can apply for one-entry visas frequently, one after another, but the total period of staying in Russia can’t exceed 90 days per period of 180 days. The fee for processing an application for the citizens of Norway as well as the EU Member states is 315 NOK if you wish to get the visa in 4 - 10 working days. An urgent visa can be issued in 1-3 working days and charged with the fee of 630 NOK.

Please note if it is less than 72 hours left before your departure visa cannot be issued.

A multiple-entry visa can be issued for the period of maximum of 5 years. Please note that, a person can apply for a multiple-entry visa with the term of validity of up to 1 year, provided that during the previous year he has obtained at least one visa, has made use of it in accordance with the laws on entry and stay in Russia and that there are reasons for requesting a multiple-entry visa; a person can apply for a multiple-entry visa with the term of validity of a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 5 years, provided that during the previous two years he has made use of the one year multiple-entry visa in accordance with the laws on entry and stay in Russia and that the reasons for requesting a multiple-entry visa are still valid.

Be informed, that if you get a multiple-entry visa you can stay in Russia for not more than 90 days in the each period of 180 days. Therefore the validity period of your insurance policy should cover not less than 90 days of staying in Russia. The information about the validity period of your insurance policy should be specified in the letter from your insurance company.

A multiple-entry visa can be processed in 10 working days and charged with the fee of 315 NOK. Please, do not pay the fee until the consular officer checks all the necessary documents.

Be informed, that the consular officer determines the period of processing your visa application. The period of processing can be prolonged up to 30 working days without a notification. The Consulate General reserves the right to invite applicants for an interview and ask questions about personal, financial, business or corporate-related issues, as well as about their Russian contacts, partners and relatives.

Citizens of Norway and the member states of EU who holds valid diplomatic passports have the right to enter the Russian Federation without visa.